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Against Apologetics

Against William Lane Craig

Dr. William Lane Craig is one of the foremost Christian apologists working, today. He has PhD.’s in both Philosophy and Theology, is a research professor at Talbot School of Theology, and has authored more than 30 books in his subjects of expertise. Dr. Craig has engaged in numerous debates with critics of Christianity, and is considered to be one of that faith’s most ardent and learned defenders.

I do not find Craig’s arguments convincing.

Quite the contrary, I often find Dr. Craig’s attempts at rationally supporting his positions to be poorly argued, and even fallacious. When I find such arguments to be particularly egregious, I feel the need to comment on them. These posts reflect my answers to a number of the positions Dr. Craig has publicly espoused.

General Articles

  1. WLC insists that I am not an Atheist
  2. WLC and I actually agree (on the definition of faith)!
  3. WLC doesn’t understand Mathematics
  4. WLC on the Reasonability of Theism
  5. WLC’s Kalam Cosmological Argument
  6. WLC’s Finely-Tuned Deception
  7. WLC on the Speed of Light
  8. WLC on Causal Simultaneity
  9. WLC v. Alex Malpass – Did the universe begin?, Part 1

William Lane Craig’s Theory of Time

  1. Introduction to Time and Relativity
  2. Einstein’s Verificationism
  3. Bell’s Theorem and the Cosmic Microwave Background
  4. General Relativity
  5. The Nature of Change
  6. Did the Universe Begin?

Discussions of WLC’s Excursus on Natural Theology

  1. WLC doesn’t understand infinity, Part 1 (re: Excursus #9)
  2. WLC doesn’t understand infinity, Part 2 (re: Excursus #10)
  3. WLC doesn’t understand cosmology (re: Excursus #16)
  4. WLC dodges his own question (re: Excursus #17)

Articles Against Other Apologists


3 thoughts on “Against Apologetics

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  3. yoananda on said:

    Most of the time apologetist mislead us making us believe that they talk about god whereas they are just talking about the Bible.
    If God exists, his book his the nature in front of us, and nothing matter less than the bible in this regard.

    Math, martial arts, and Odin are very good stuff to mix together. Actually I’m working on a mathematics of martial movements 🙂

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